Meet Nordic Game and 20 Nordic companies at Gamescom 2011!

Gamescom, 17-19 August in Cologne, Germany, is one of the most important game trade shows in Europe. Nordic Game will of course be present in the business area of the Kölnmesse, hosting a booth with 19 Nordic companies.

Meet us there and be a part of the Nordic game community - as usual, the booth will be packed with Nordic industry people, so it's a perfect place to get in touch with the region.

And don't forget to pick up your invite for the infamous Nordic Party on 17 August! This year the party is sponsored by out good friends from Trinigy
and Imagination Studios. You can also reserve your ticket at and win a special VIP wristband.

Info about the participating companies in the Nordic Game booth, Business Hall 4.2, #J031:

Acne Play (Sweden)
Acne Play is a small game studio situated in Stockholm, Sweden. With the happiest attitude we create wonderful games for smartphones. With our passion for art, design, game mechanics and gameplay, together with our background in game development, our desire is to bring further competition and quality to the smartphone markets. At gamescom this year we hope to meet a lot of likeminded people, see new games and get inspired.


Apex Virtual Entertainment (Denmark)

Apex is a game development and gamification company founded in 2005. At Apex we develop and produce games based on our own IP and games based on existing IP’s. We also make gamification and communication solutions for a variety of Denmark’s largest companies. Currently Apex is making an episodic game. We will be making 4 episodes that will be installed "on top of each other", thus letting the player play across all episodes at will.


Colossal Order Ltd (Finland)
Colossal Order Ltd is an independent game development studio located in Tampere, Finland. Founded in 2009 by experienced developers and serious fans of the genre, the company focuses on original IP strategy and simulation games for PC platform. Paradox Interactive released the first title, the mass transit simulation “Cities in Motion”, in February 2011. At gamescom 2011 we'll be seeking new business opportunities as well as promoting “Cities in Motion”.


Ericsson In-Game Communication (Sweden)
Our main object this year is to meet with strategic partners as well as meeting new potential partners as we will be presenting the next generation game communication technology.


Frozenbyte (Finland)
Frozenbyte is a long-standing independent PC and console game developer whose games include “Trine”, “Trine 2”, “Splot”, and the “Shadowgrounds” series. We're at gamescom to negotiate some retail deals for “Trine 2” and just see the general buzz!



Gotland University (Sweden)

We’re GAME, the largest department of Gotland University. We’ve been producing next generation game developers and researchers for more than 10 years. We can put your technology, software and production methods in the hands of hundreds of future developers! Meet them and our staff at GDC to discuss mutual opportunities.


Housemarque (Finland)

Housemarque is an independent game developer of digital downloadable games for PS3, Xbox and other platforms. Our passion is to design engaging gaming experiences full of rewarding gameplay moments. In gamescom, Housemarque is presenting our new IP to selected members of the press and having meetings to discuss business opportunities.


Junebud AB (Sweden)
Junebud actively pursues new business models and the growing online/free market space. We are champions of digital distribution, browser 3D and high accessibility. We are at gamescom to meet prospective new partners and colleagues.


Kajak Games (Finland)
Kajak Games is a young, student-run company working on mobile games, especially for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. We also have some experience with Facebook games and of course PC games. We want to present our games and to form contacts and look for cooperation, in the form of subcontract work or otherwise, with other game studios and companies.


LocalizeDirect (Sweden)
LocalizeDirect are the developers of LocDirect, an online localization management tool designed to streamline the localization process. LocalizeDirect also deliver professional translation services via LocDirect. We are keen to meet with developers and publishers at gamescom. Are you looking to improve you localization process and move away from painful excel file management?


Neogames (Finland)

Neogames is the Finnish National centre of game business, research and education. Neogames is a membership-based organisation, and it has various activities related game industry development.


Nitro Games (Finland)
Nitro Games Ltd. is a Finnish game developer that produces high quality video games for worldwide distribution. Since the founding in 2007 the company has grown rapidly and become one of the most streamlined game development studios in Finland. The company focuses on core gaming for all major platforms: Xbox360, Playstation 3, PC & mobile devices. The latest game release is “Pirates of Black Cove” – a light RTS pirate adventure.

Octane Games (Finland)

Octane Games is an action game developer based in Finland. Octane Games develops high quality titles for worldwide distribution based on it's own original IP's. The company was founded in 2011 and the first game “Wasteland Angel” will be released this summer. The company focuses on core gaming for all major platforms: Xbox360, Playstation 3, PC & mobile devices. The company just recently announced together with Topware Interactive the upcoming game “Raven’s Cry” - a dark themed pirate action adventure.


Redlynx (Finland)

RedLynx is an independent developer and publisher of games for multiple platforms, with a ten year history and more than 100 titles to its credit.


Sarepta Studio (Norway)
A digital media company that offers consulting services in addition to developing games. Founded in 2010, has of today 19 registered employees. We are attending gamescom to promote our upcoming game, "Shadow Puppeteer", in addition to keep current with the industry. We offer visitors the chance to try a demo of the game.


TeliaSonera International Carrier (Sweden)

TeliaSonera International Carrier offers the international online gaming community a variety of high-quality infrastructure services. Publishers, developers, and online gaming service providers use our products to provide gamers around the world with the perfect online gaming experience. Our range of services includes Internet access and transit, normal or high-density Colocation, and hardware and managed services. We assist customers in selecting the right blend of services based upon their needs and can provide fully managed online gaming platforms.


The Game Incubator Network (Sweden)
TGIN provides specialized game industry support for Swedish start-ups. At this year’s gamescom we are proud to present two of the talented studios in our network.


University of Skövde (Sweden)
Högskolan i Skövde is the largest university-level game development educator in Sweden today. Our main reason for visiting gamescom is to develop a closer connection with Swedish, as well as international, actors in the game industry. Our ambition is to be a valuable resource for the Swedish game industry by providing game companies with highly competent programmers, designers and graphic artists and spearheading innovative research within the field of interactive entertainment.


Virtual Air Guitar Company (Finland)
Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd is an independent game developer specializing in camera-based games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. At Gamescom, we are marketing our current game in development, “Kung-Fu High Impact” for Kinect, as well as demonstrating our next project to interested parties behind closed doors.


Vostopia (Norway)

Vostopia provide an avatar platform with microtransaction capabilities for web, facebook and mobile. We are looking for game developers who would like to use this platform to quickly build, launch and monetize their games.





About Nordic Game @ Gamescom 2010:

Nordic Game had a successful time in Cologne this year. The Nordic booth in the business hall of Gamescom 2010 and its twelve participating companies had many visitors, and the lounge areas as well as the meeting rooms were in constant use.

One of the exhibiting Nordic companies were Junebud, a Swedish developer, who was at Gamescom for the first time, showing browser MMO “Milmo”. Watch the Nordic Game at Gamescom video with them right here.

The first night of Gamescom saw the renowned Nordic party take off and reach new heights. More than 1000 industry people participated, and the party was described as one of the social highlights of the week. Thanks to everyone who helped us making it work, not least our sponsors from Imagination Studios.


Participating companies at the Gamescom booth were: Apex (DK), Autodesk/Illuminate Labs (SE), Gogogic (IS), IGI (IS), Imagination Studios (SE), Junebud (SE), Neogames (FI), Nitro Games (FI), Nordic Softsales (SE), Pan Vision (SE), Straycats Studio (SE), TeliaSonera International Carrier (SE).



Nordic Game invites you to join us for Gamescom 2010 in Cologne!

Nordic Game booth

Business Hall, Gamescom Cologne

18-20 August 2010, 09:00 - 19:00

Associate Exhibitor package: 1200€

The package includes:

- 2 Exhibitor passes

- Slots in meeting room

- Reception desk

- Graphic Exposure at booth

- Exposure Show reel

- Access to storage room

- Tickets to Nordic Game Party


Add-on, 118€

- Listing in the Gamescom catalogue
You need to contact Jacob Riis, no later than Friday 24 june to take part in the catalogue.

Final deadline for signing up for Nordic Game @ Gamescom 2010 is Monday 28 June.

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