Lau Korsgaard

Lead Game Designer, Massive Entertainment

Lau Korsgaard, Lead Game Designer of “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” at Massive Entertainment. Among his responsibilities are “Living World” features such as harvesting. Previously, he worked as Creative Director at Napnok, a Copenhagen-based indie studio known for crafting eccentric party games with innovative controls.

Learn more about Massive Entertainment at www.massive.se.

About Lau's sessions:

Foraging on Pandora: Designing the harvesting and crafting gameplay of Avatar: FoP


What does a Na’vi feel when gathering materials on Pandora? It is hard to say, but probably not the same as we are used to feeling, when exploiting game worlds for valuable resources. Korsgaard shares his design process and an unexpected source of inspiration in the search for that feeling.

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