Developer Showcase Lite

The Developer Showcase Lite package includes many of the benefits of the full upgrade at half the price. Developers on-the-go, register for NG24 Spring and get your Developer Showcase Lite upgrade today!

Developer Showcase Lite

Nordic Game Developer Showcase Lite
Our Developer Showcase Lite upgrade, minus a demo station and hardware on the show floor, still includes Publishers and Investors Day, mentorship, Pitch Stage events, Discord activities and more, at half the price of the full upgrade:

• Complimentary MeetToMatch Unlimited upgrade and extra NG24 Spring pass free-of-charge
• Access to special Developer Showcase mentorship from the Mighty Diamonds
• Access to the Developer Showcase Pitch Stage including Nordic Game Pitch Battle
• Access to activities on Publishers & Investors Day,
• Access to the entire NG24 Spring show floor, conference program and events.
• Optional participation in Developer Showcase online activities on our Discord server*

*Nordic Game also offers an online Developer Showcase upgrade package which includes a complimentary MeetToMatch online upgrade and extra NG24 Spring online pass free-of-charge, participation in Developer Showcase online activities on our Discord server and access to the entire NG24 Spring live stream, pre-recorded online conference program and other online activities.

Last year we hit full capacity in the Developer Showcase, and it’s gotten even bigger and better this year, with dozens of game start-ups and growing studios travelling to Malmö in country delegations, as well as many stand-alone exhibitors joining the show floor for our 20-year jubilee.

NG24 Spring MeetToMatch

Developer Showcase Lite: For developers on-the-go! Register for your NG24 Spring event pass, choose “developer” as your primary activity (required to upgrade to Developer Showcase) and select the Developer Showcase Lite upgrade (no demo station and hardware), which includes MeetToMatch and an extra pass free-of-charge.

Note: If you have already registered a Nordic Game pass as a developer, you can still upgrade your pass to Developer Showcase in our upgrade shop.

All Developer Showcase participants also need complete an exhibitor form (a link will be included in your pass upgrade confirmation email). If you can’t find the link, contact us here from the email address you used to register for NG24 Spring and request to have the Developer Showcase exhibitor form link resent to you.

Group delegations: National and regional support agencies, associations and clusters looking to organise a booth for a number of their game companies in the Developer Showcase, and possibly promote investment in their country’s or region’s games sector as well, should contact us here.

Publishers & Investors Day in the Developer Showcase
One of the highlights of the Nordic Game Developer Showcase happens on Day Zero, the day before the conference program starts. An exclusive group of publishers and investors visit the showcase hall to meet with exhibitors and learn more about their games.

Publishers & Investors Day kicks-off with showcase developers speed-pitching their projects on-stage. Participation is optional, but it’s a great way to spotlight your team and titles. In the following hours, publishers and investors will dive deeper into games at the showcase and meet with/schedule meetings with studios.

Publishers & Investors Day in the Developer Showcase starts in the morning and ends in the late afternoon with a mingle/mixer.

Last May, Nordic Game welcomed publishers and investors from 2tainment, Bonus Stage, ByteRockers’ Games, Devolver Digital, Exertis Ztorm, Fennica Gaming, Fundamentally Games, Galaxy Digital, Game Seer Venture Partners, Gameforge, Gearbox Publishing, Low Kick Games, MY.GAMES, Skystone Games, Sony, The Games Fund and more, as well as the over 20 VC funds that participated in the Games Capital Summit.

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Join our exhibitors, sponsors and partners
Nordic Game would not be celebrating double editions annually without the enthusiastic participation of thousands of talented game developers from the Nordic region and across the globe for nearly two decades. Thank you!

We’re also tremendously grateful for the unwavering support of our exhibitors, sponsors and partners. Many of them have already signed-up for our upcoming events, but we’re always ready to welcome new partnerships.

Contact us here for some great opportunities on exhibitor, sponsor, group and partner packages for our next event and beyond.

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About the Nordic Game conference
Nordic Game is the leading games conference in Europe. Gathering thousands of industry professionals in the spring and autumn each year, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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