Wanda O Rly

Educator & Performer, Wanda O Rly

Wanda O Rly (Valtteri Lahti) is a renowned science communicator, applied games professional and an authentic artist. She is the Co-founder & COO at Psyon Games, Chairperson of the board at Game Business Cooperative Expa, Lead of IGDA Jyväskylä, Educator & Performer. Known for her DEI work and award-winning operations.

Learn more about Wanda O Rly at www.wandaorly.com.

About Wanda's sessions:

Workshop: Fantasy & Duty – Sexual Awareness In Game Design


A discussion oriented workshop to spark constructive dialogue about sexual and gender representation in games. The workshop fosters ownership, conscious design, freedom and responsibility. Includes two interactive lectures each followed by a group discussion. Primarily intended for game designers, artists, creative directors etc. This is a discussion-oriented workshop about sensitive topics and a lot of […]

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