Strategy expert and mentor Patrick Rose joins NG23 Helsinki

Nordic Game is pleased to announce that product and strategy expert Patrick Rose will join us at Epicenter for NG23 Helsinki on 28-29 November, co-organised with Neogames Finland and official games industry side event of Slush, the world’s leading startup festival.

We met with Patrick Rose recently for a quick chat, which we’ve transcribed below – thanks Patrick! Make sure to register for NG23 Helsinki now so you too can meet with him in a few weeks.

Nordic Game: Many thanks for joining us as a mentor for NG Helsinki! What exactly will you be doing there?

Patrick Rose: I’ve always enjoyed supporting Nordic Game events in Malmö, and I’m excited about NG23 Helsinki too. Thanks for having me!

I’ll be hosting a two-hour interactive mentoring session to assist indie studios with their pitching strategies. My aim is to understand their specific challenges and provide guidance on their pitch decks and other startup-related issues. We’ll review one or two actual pitch decks sent to me beforehand, offering a hands-on learning experience. My goal is to optimise the business potential of their game pitches.

Additionally, I’ll be assisting investors and publishers in evaluating projects they come across during the event. Whether it’s F2P, premium or even Web3, I’m here to provide insights from years of business and product analysis. If you’re unsure about a project’s potential, I’m available for on-the-spot consultations, sponsored by Nordic Game!

Nordic Game: What are your expectations regarding the many startups attending NG23 Helsinki?

Patrick Rose: Game studios of the Nordics are renowned for their creativity, uniqueness, subtle emotional depth and sometimes a touch of delightful weirdness in game design (just look at Alan Wake 2 – it got it all and I love it!). I’m eager to see more of this unique flair. The Nordic Game community has always impressed me with its collaborative spirit and eagerness to learn. Over the years, indie studios have become more adept at pitching, blending artistic vision with business acumen. I anticipate discovering many distinctive and promising game projects. Investors and publishers, if you’re seeking standout additions to your portfolio, the Nordic indies won’t disappoint!

Nordic Game: How should the participants in your mentor workshop prepare?

Patrick Rose: Come prepared for an engaging discussion with workshop elements. Instead of a two-hour slide presentation, I aim to engage with you directly, helping refine your pitch decks and address any questions. Feel free to have questions or materials ready for on-the-spot review.

If you wish, you can send materials or queries beforehand to me here. I encourage those brave ones among you willing to share their pitch decks and have them dissected during the session to send them in advance. Rest assured, any critique will be constructive and aimed at your growth.

Nordic Game: Next May is our twentieth anniversary show. What are your plans?

Patrick Rose: I’m planning to journey all the way from Asia to Malmö, confident it’ll be worth the trip! This time, I’ll be accompanied by the Mighty Diamonds, our team of seasoned industry experts and advisors. Together, in collaboration with the Nordic Game team, we aim to mentor indie studios, offer a range of services on topics like product strategy, marketing, PR, and analysis to publishers and investors, and facilitate business connections.

If you’re seeking reliable partners in outsourcing, marketing or PR, we might have the perfect match for you. Some of our experts, including myself, will even share insights on stage. Can’t wait to see you all at the biggest gaming event in Northern Europe!

No need to wait though, feel free to connect at any time, right here.

Nordic Game: Many thanks, Patrick – we can’t wait to see you in Helsinki 😊

NG23 Helsinki is presented with the support of our partners and sponsors including Dirtybit, Housemarque, MeetToMatch, Neogames, Nordic Game Ventures, Phantom Gamelabs, Remangu (Revolgy), Slush (as official games industry side event), Suomen Pelinkehittäjät, TreebuddyEarth, Xsolla Funding and Zempie (FROMtheRED).


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