NG24 Spring: Important Schedule Update!

Our 20th anniversary show is getting closer now, and with less than two months to go the day-by-day schedule already looks packed and exciting.



Most important change compared to previous years is that we will end NG24 Spring on an even higher note than usual. Thus Friday 24 May will conclude with Nordic Game mascot speaker and friend Ste Curran doing one of his famous talks which will be the last live streamed session in the main theater.

And immediately after closing the stage, the fun continues with the After-Hours celebrations! Ste Curran will once again enter a stage, but this time as host for the After-Hours fun which includes bar, loads of Hurrah! shouting, and not least Maraoke singing, led by Ste himself.

We hope to see you all there! More info about the Friday Funtime will arrive soon!

Here’s the day-by-day schedule as it looks right now:

Please note that more events and special stuff will be added continuously, so be sure to check on a regular basis.

Haven’t secured your NG24 Spring pass yet? Run to now and fix that! 😊

Welcome to Nordic Game’s 20-year jubilee this May!


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