NG24 Spring: First Nordic Game Conversation revealed!

It’s a huge pleasure for the organizers of this year’s Nordic Game, NG24 Spring on 21-24 May in Malmö, Sweden, to reveal the first NG conversation as part of the speaker program.

The topic is the phenomenal game “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor“, one of the latest and biggest success stories from the Nordic region. The top down spin-off of the original “Deep Rock Galactic” sold more than 500 000 copies in its first week, and now the audience in the main theater of NG24 Spring venue Slagthuset can meet three of the main profiles behind it:


Søren Lundgaard

Søren is an industry veteran with close to 25 years of diverse experience developing games for the global market on multiple platforms. In 2016 he became part of the founding group of Ghost Ship Games where he took on the CEO role.


Anders Leicht Rohde

Anders has a professional background is in game design, and his current role is Chief Creative Officer of Funday Games, as well as Game Director specifically on Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.


Mikkel Martin Pedersen
Mikkel is the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Ghost Ship Games. He also functions as game director of Deep Rock Galactic and the upcoming spinoff Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core.

In this casual conversation between the developer, Funday Games, and the publisher, Ghost Ship Publishing, you will hear how the project came to be, how it was developed in record time, and how the successful launch surpassed the original Deep Rock Galactic game.

Welcome to Nordic Game’s 20-year jubilee this May!


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