NG24 Spring Conversation announced: Meet the Alan Wake 2 Composer Petri Alanko!

Celebrated concert producer and writer Orvar Säfström joins BAFTA-nominated Finnish composer, musician and producer Petri Alanko (CONTROL, QUANTUM BREAK, ALAN WAKE) in a conversation at NG24 Spring to discuss Alanko’s musical journey, creative process and scoring Remedy Entertainment’s award-winning title, ALAN WAKE 2.


Petri Alanko curated the unique surreal soundscape for Alan Wake 2 with a custom-built Apprehension Engine (multi instrumental device), Mega Marvin (metallic percussion instrument), and other manipulated percussion sounds sourced from a ‘plate reverb’. As the narrative unfolds, the melodies and harmonies are to tied to each character but their different soundscapes and unique instrumentation evolve and intertwine as the worlds collide between protagonist Saga in her world and Alan Wake in ‘The Dark Place’.

As an artist and performer, Alanko has toured extensively with popular Finnish bands including keyboards for Neon2, recorded the critically acclaimed albums, ‘Classical Trancelations 1 and 2’ (under his Lowland moniker) and performed ‘Classical Trancelations In Concert’ at the Helsinki Festival. Previously Alanko collaborated with the symphonic metal band Nightwish composing the elegant and sophisticated classical arrangements for Imaginaerum The Movie, based on their hit album. Since 2018, Alanko has also held the role of Audio Director at Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE’s radio department. Other upcoming projects include scoring assignments for Space X and Paris Fashion Week as well as ‘Classical Trancelations 3’ currently in pre-production.

Whether scoring for games, television or movies, Alanko’s crafted soundtracks feature a unique composing style, rich with vibrant harmonies and highly unusual hybrid instrumentation, thanks to his roots in both electronic and classical music. Encompassing hard-edged all-electronic to sublime and emotional orchestral scores, his arranging style varies depending on the needs of the production, combining contemporary instruments with cutting-edge technology and custom-built tools for sculpting the sound – creating a memorable, timeless sonic experience, which is instantly recognizable.

About Orvar Säfström

Orvar Säfström is a concert producer and writer, and a former film critic and television host, from Sweden. He has been awarded the Swedish film industry Honorary Award and the Swedish Gaming Association “Gamer of the year”. He has published several books on games and fandom through his publishing house Fandrake. In the symphonic world, Orvar is the leading producer of concerts with game and film music in Scandinavia, more than 100 productions with 35 orchestras since 2006.

About Petri Alanko

Petri Alanko (aka Lowland) is a three-time BAFTA-nominated Finnish composer, musician and producer who creates deeply emotional soundscapes for visual media, including games, television and movies. His dynamic repertoire ranges from the haunting orchestral/electronic scores for Remedy Entertainment’s psycho-thriller, ALAN WAKE, to the thematic hybrid works of action blockbuster QUANTUM BREAK and the complex musical landscape of CONTROL featuring a twisted and ominous electronic sci-fi score for Remedy’s cinematic triumph. Returing to ‘The Dark Place’, Alanko’s latest musical adventure was composing the intense duality and character-driven score for Remedy’s supernatural horror sequel, ALAN WAKE II, released to universal critical acclaim in 2023.

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