nDreams’ Game On Advises Events Safety at Nordic Game

In response to the numerous stories of harassment and unprofessional behavior at games industry events, UK game developer nDreams began developing its Game On initiative in 2023.

As a company both hosting its own events, like the yearly nDreams Festival, and sending team members out to attend external industry shows, their aim was twofold:

  • To encourage and support events organizers to foster safer and more inclusive environments for all their attendees.
  • To ensure that anyone attending one of their own events, or nDreams team members attending external events, feel equipped with all the necessary resources to feel safe – and understand the points of escalation if this safety is jeopardized.

nDreams’ Game On initiative is a key cornerstone of the nDreams Festival, has supported the company’s staff members at industry events like Develop: Brighton, and has also advised the Guildford Games Festival on events safety.

Now, Game On has supported the Nordic Game Conference by sharing its events safety resources and guidance, which come from consultations with the likes of Into Games, Limit Break, Out Making Games and UN Women UK. Game On offers events safety guide templates that can be used and adapted by those organizing any event in our industry, whatever the scale, which can be found here.

We’re happy to have used Game On resources in our own work to make Nordic Game a safe and inclusive space for all attendees, and we will be upholding our Code of Conduct at the event to make it a positive occasion for all.

Nordic Game Taking Action:

Introducing our #CreatingSafeSpaces campaign – crafted with your safety and comfort at heart!
Hind Toufga and Julia Hagerberg from the Nordic Game Production Team have been diligently working to ensure that Nordic Game 2024 is a welcoming and secure space for all attendees.
Here’s an overview of the safety measures we’ve implemented and what’s coming up this year:

Code of Conduct Update: Our updated Code of Conduct reaffirms our commitment to your safety. Check out the comprehensive overview in the attached CoC.pdf.
Whistleblower Function: We’ve established a whistleblower function to address any concerns or incidents swiftly. Access this resource at this link.

Recent Initiatives:

  • Staff Training: Our team participated in safety workshops, brainstorming ways to enhance event safety.
  • Speaker Diversity: We’re amplifying underrepresented voices in gaming. Look for our digital poster featuring women and marginalized individuals as speakers.
  • QR Code Accessibility: The Code of Conduct is printed on the back of every badge for easy access.

Upcoming Plans:

  • Game on – Safe Spaces Guide: A comprehensive guide and article about creating safe and inclusive events and work environments, pending confirmation with nDreams.
  • Quiet Space: A designated quiet area upstairs, perfect for unwinding amidst the conference buzz.
  • Inclusive After-Parties: Considering designated zones for non-drinkers to ensure inclusivity at after-parties.
  • Badge Color Coding: Badges with color indicators to signal your comfort level with physical contact.
  • Drink Covers: Designed to prevent drink tampering at after-parties, ensuring your safety.

Your safety matters to us. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Together, let’s make Nordic Game a beacon of inclusivity in the gaming community!


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