Jacob Riis steps down as host of Nordic Game and NGDC

Nordic Game friends and followers, I must share a statement I received from Jacob Riis yesterday:


Over six months ago, individuals that participated in Nordic Game in Malmö, as well as activities where myself and other team members were present abroad, shared disturbing incidents with the Danish Producers Association, which they in turn communicated to you.

The encounters these individuals described and the feelings that they shared shook me to my core.

After much soul-searching, I’ve come to realise that this situation is entirely about these individuals and their own accounts, not my personal feelings on the matter.

No one should ever encounter, or fear they might experience, harassment of any kind at Nordic Game events or by Nordic Game staff.

I know that this has also been a very difficult process for you, our colleagues and many of our partners. For this and for my part, I am truly sorry.

Although you have publicly expressed your remorse for what these individuals have gone through, and as a result of your investigations over the past half-year, an independent whistle-blower platform is being created, I feel that I must also take personal action.

Effective immediately, I’m stepping down as host of Nordic Game this May as well as upcoming NGDC events. Of course I will support the team in any way that you feel appropriate at this time.

Jacob Riis

I don’t want to do what Jacob suggests, but have come to accept that he’s right. I will share some of my reasoning tomorrow. For our clients and partners, I apologise if I was not able to reach you in time before we went public with Jacob’s statement.

Truly yours,
Erik Robertson

Managing Director
Nordic Game Resources AB
NG22 Spring

About the Nordic Game conference
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Nordic Game welcomes you on 17-20 May to Slagthuset in Malmö for NG22 Spring, both online and in the venue, as well as next November.

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