Gather your party and join Demeo: PC Edition

Adventure-seeking players can experience the best way to have a truly authentic, social tabletop experience from your PC with Demeo: PC Edition, available now in Early Access on Steam from Resolution Games.

Demeo: PC Edition is a digital tabletop gaming experience tailored to bring players together, even when they’re apart. Developed by a team of renowned industry veterans who have spent decades creating hit multiplayer experiences, Demeo: PC Edition recreates the magic of tabletop gaming with friends and the camaraderie that goes along with that in the digital realm.

Previously released as a VR exclusive, the game’s initial debut met with rave reviews, earned countless awards – including several recognitions as Game of the Year – and Demeo: PC Edition is now welcoming PC players to join the adventure.

“Our vision for Demeo has always been to provide a home for people around the world to team up, strategize and bond over games in a virtual social setting reminiscent of when we used to gather around a physical board game in someone’s basement years ago,” said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO, Resolution Games. “With Demeo: PC Edition, we’re extending that nostalgic experience – basement included – to desktop gamers who can gather their party with friends across various platforms. Plus, given the VR/PC cross-play nature of the game, players can even choose to adventure with new friends in our already-thriving community of players thanks to the game’s robust matchmaking system.”

Learn more about Demeo: PC Edition and Resolution Games here.

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