Erik Robertson and the Games Policy Summit

Hey, games industry, now bend – or break

This is the title of a great text you need to read if you’re interested in the games industry from a policy perspective. Written by Nordic Game conference founder, regulation-compliant VC investor, and games industry organiser Erik Robertson, it’s the perfect start for the NG24 Spring delegates participating in the new NG Games Policy Summit on 21 May, the “Day Zero” of the upcoming conference. Not part of that yet? The deadline to sign-up is Friday, 3 May, so apply now:

Eriks text starts like this:

“We are in danger of becoming clichés. Our habits, others’ prejudice and a simplistic professional language is constraining the games industry. We’re boxed in, doing exploitative entertainment and uncomplicated fun. We have no other purpose – and this is just not good enough anymore. Developers need to start working more than one side of the fence.”

Read the rest here:

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