Earth Day Spotlight: Blamorama Games Empowers Kids & Inspires Women

Happy Earth Day! In the spirit of environmental awareness, we’re shining a spotlight on Blamorama Games, a Nordic studio with a mission to make games that create positive change.

We sat down with Maya Umar and Ingrid Fridesjö, the inspiring female founders of Blamorama Games, a Swedish studio part of our NG24 exhibitor’s Arctic Games cluster studios, making waves with educational games that spark positive change.

Today is their Earth Day Game release, “Bumi: Next Stop, Earth,” which blends learning and entertainment to create a meaningful impact on young minds. Here are some of our questions and answers that we hope would be an interpretation to our audience.

Nordic Game: Can you provide a brief overview of Blamorama’s inception and evolution?

Blamorama: Initially, Blamorama’s focus was on video production, but over time, we diversified into various digital media services such as website design, programming, live streaming, social media content, and graphic design. Reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we established the Blamorama Network, comprising consultants from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This allowed us to offer cross-cultural consultation services, including translations and global business culture education. The idea of integrating gamification into our services emerged from the experiences of Co-founder Maya and her husband Tobias, who had worked on gamification projects in Malaysia. Inspired by our passion for gaming and a desire to make a positive impact, we delved into brainstorming sessions, leading to the establishment of our studio Blamorama Games.

Nordic Game: Reflecting on your journey as the founder of Blamorama Studio Games and the creation of “Bumi: Next Stop, Earth,” could you share the genesis of the game’s idea? What inspired you to embark on the “Bumi” venture?

Blamorama: Gaming holds significant importance for us beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a platform for socialization, learning, and impact. We believe in harnessing the power of gaming to address social and environmental issues, with diversity and inclusion at the forefront. Our vision for “Bumi” was to create a game that would positively influence society while providing an engaging and educational experience.

Nordic Game: What were the most significant challenges you faced in establishing and sustaining the Blamorama studio, particularly in developing “Bumi: Next Stop, Earth” as an educational game in the industry? How did you overcome these startup challenges?

Blamorama: The primary challenges revolved around financing our development while ensuring sustainability. As a game startup, securing investment during the pandemic and recession proved daunting. We resorted to bootstrapping and leveraging our other digital services to fund our game development efforts. While these challenges persist, we remain hopeful that our initial launch will pave the way for future success.

Nordic Game: As a female CEO and founder, what strategies or approaches do you attribute to the longevity and expected success of “Bumi: Next Stop, Earth” and your studio? What support do you require to maintain and grow the project over the years?

Blamorama: Our key strategies include extensive market research and early prototype testing to ensure the game’s viability and appeal. Collaborating with partners like Arctic Game and fostering a supportive network within the industry has been instrumental. Additionally, maintaining a diverse team and community support are crucial for long-term success.

Nordic Game: Lastly, are there any valuable lessons or insights you’ve gained that you believe could benefit aspiring game developers, particularly those focused on creating meaningful educational experiences?

Blamorama: It’s essential to substantiate your goals with scientific research and enlist expertise relevant to your educational objectives. Testing with players throughout development ensures a balance between fun and educational content. Collaborating with organizations like RISE can provide invaluable support in validating impact and educational quality.

Blamorama is a shining example of the incredible things women-led studios can achieve. This Earth Day, let’s celebrate their game release and their dedication to games that inspire and educate, nurturing a brighter future for all.

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