The 3 components to successfully re-invigorating a mobile game

Nordic Game presents a partner message from SuperScale:

Having helped scale over 200 mobile games, we have put together a brief article on what we believe are the three core elements of success.

The foundation of any successful game is data. The need for post-IDFA data clarity is imperative and yet so many games are still struggling to get accurate, quick and trustworthy data.

Whilst many claim to provide SKAN-enabled dashboards with accurate ROAS predictions, the reality is that few actually do and the need for the extra resource is still apparent.

We present our industry-leading ROAS prediction and SKAN data on a dashboard that acts as a single source of truth for your data needs. All of which is readily available and easily integrated with pre-made connectors to all major networks.

Monetization improvements
There are almost always ways a game can be improved using only its existing content, we have written a complete checklist on how this is possible.

For those who don’t have the time to read, the areas of improvement can be summarized into the following 5 categories:
– Game progression
– The metagame
– Game economy
– Ad monetization
– Monetization

User Acquisition
One of the key reasons we preach data being the foundation of any game is to enable effective UA. The data ‘black holes’ following Apple’s ATT means determining the ‘actual’ best-performing creatives is difficult.

We take care of campaigns from inception (2D, 3D and video production), all the way through to reporting. Our industry-leading data solution means that creatives can be constantly improved for maximum UA.

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This is Slush

This is Slush
Slush has grown from a single gathering in Helsinki to a series of events organised all around the world. The crown-jewel event is the annual Slush event, but Slush also hosts smaller get-togethers around the globe.

It all started in 2008 in Helsinki with a one-day affair made up of around 250 people. While the size of the Slush event has grown by leaps and bounds, the goal has stayed the same: focus on how best to serve start-up ecosystems across the world.

As a company, Slush serves start-ups, founders and investors through the main annual Slush event as well as Slush products: start-up media Soaked by Slush, online community Node by Slush and smaller global events Slush’D.

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