Mighty Diamonds are ready to support you at NG24 Spring

Nordic Game welcomes the Mighty Diamonds to NG24 Spring and our Developer Showcase this May (https://nordicgame.com/mighty-diamonds/)


Mighty Diamonds


Mighty Diamonds is a collective of seasoned consultants from all over the world, all passionate about video games and ready to share their top-notch expertise with studios, publishers and investors.


Mighty Diamonds at NG24 Spring


Nordic Game: Please explain how and why the Mighty Diamonds group was established?

Mighty Diamonds: The Mighty Diamonds was established in 2023 by Casey Al-Kaisy, as he was getting acquainted with other experienced consultants who shared common interests in gaming. We all have a minimum of +10 years of experience in the industry and are based in Europe. Although we remain independent consultants, we share the same goal of helping studios and publishers in areas of production, marketing, business and management. We are eager to collaborate with the many talented companies out there, to help make great games.

Nordic Game: Are you expanding the group on a regular basis? If so, how can a solitary mentor become part of your team? What does it take?

Mighty Diamonds: Over the past year, the collective has grown to over 10 people with various backgrounds. We are always open to welcoming new mentors who wish to join our group. It mostly requires a shared commitment to collaboration and fostering a non-competitive environment. Being a consultant can be challenging at times, but being part of a collective like ours offers great opportunities to connect with peers and develop your network in a friendly atmosphere.

Nordic Game: During NG24 Spring, you will be offering your services to all the developers exhibiting in the Developer Showcase. Can you go into detail about this? What can an exhibitor expect?

Mighty Diamonds: NG24 is an important event for many developers, studios, publishers, and partners. We want to offer our time to those seeking help and valuable inputs from us. We have decided to offer free consultation and mentorship sessions every day. Attendees can find us on the Meet to Match site and book a time slot with us. We will provide assistance, on various subjects, from game design and product strategy to marketing, communication, and team management. We will dedicate 2 hours every day to NG24 Spring attendees. Additionally, we will hold talks to share in-depth knowledge on crucial topics such as discoverability strategies, leveraging user psychology in game design, understanding your audience through player research, and exploring business opportunities between Europe and Asia. We will also participate in an interactive panel about navigating the gaming “red ocean”.

Nordic Game: More than 100 new games will be on display at the Dev Showcase this year. Do you have any initial advice for the exhibitors? How can they best prepare for NG24 Spring to stand out from the crowd?

Mighty Diamonds: Such an event can be both exhilarating and exhausting, so first and foremost, be prepared: sleep well and stay hydrated. Ensure your pitch deck highlights what makes your game unique and fun to play. Try to keep your pitch concise. You can include more details in an appendix, but the most important thing is to convey what your game is about, what makes it special, and your vision for your team. Ultimately, a partner, such as a publisher or an investor, is looking for a solid business case. It’s akin to hiring someone; you need to be convinced they are the right fit. A condensed pitch leaves room for questions and discussion. Remember, you are aiming to build a partnership and collaboration, not deliver a monologue. Breathe and keep cool!

Nordic Game: What are you looking forward to the most at NG24 Spring?

Mighty Diamonds: We look forward to meeting new and old friends, as well as providing valuable support to all attendees. We are aware of the challenges within the gaming industry this year, but we believe in creativity and passion. NG24 Spring is an excellent opportunity for many studios, as well as a perfect place for publishers and investors to shape the future of gaming. We can’t wait to meet you and offer the best support we can!

Many thanks to the Mighty Diamonds for their answers and fore joining us in May. If you want to meet the Mighty Diamonds and many of the best game developers from the Nordic region and across the globe at NG24 Spring, make sure to get your conference passes today!

Welcome to Nordic Game’s 20-year jubilee this May!


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