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Nordic Game presents a message from Google for Games:

Google Cloud for Games published a blog post highlighting the importance of live service games, which they believe are the future of the gaming industry. Google Cloud is no stranger to this model, having successfully operated some of the world’s largest live services, including Google Search and YouTube, and has partnered with most of the top-grossing game companies. Google Cloud has identified three critical undertakings to help game developers unite performance and understanding: serving players everywhere, collecting and organizing game data, and unlocking player and game insights.

To help developers scale their games to handle the largest player audiences, Google Cloud created GKE, which is the most scalable and automated managed Kubernetes service. Developers can also use Agones, an open-source project co-founded by Google Cloud, to use as a game server orchestrator for Kubernetes, and serve experiences at planet-scale. For data scalability, Google Cloud created Cloud Spanner, a single, logical, horizontally scalable database that can process over two billion requests per second. BigQuery is a catalyst for generating insights, helping developers analyze and unite vast amounts of player and game data.

Google Cloud’s ecosystem for live games is focused on unifying understanding and performance, allowing developers to build the best games possible. With a projected 3.6 billion players by 2024, the opportunity for live games has never been larger.

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